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Company Profile

Company Profile

About TSKY

Qingdao TSKY Railway Equipment Co., Ltd was established in 1998, mainly engaged in the design, production and sales of railway products including wheels, axles, wheelsets, air springs and other railway parts for a wide application of passenger car, freight wagon,metro, LRV, locomotive etc.

TSKY has been approved as a high-tech enterprise in 2021. We also obtains ISO9001 certificate and IRIS (International Railway Industry Standard) certificate etc and strictly implement them in the whole process of product production.

We are well aware of the needs of railway customers, and it is our unremitting pursuit to meet customers with the best products and services.Our core competitiveness concept is Fast, Precise and Strong. Fast means fast response, fast service and fast delivery. Precise, which means high standard accurate technical design, meticulous work and customer satisfaction; Strong means high quality and high service, bringing customers more value than expected.

In addition to our own products, we have a strong team of engineers and technical capabilities to provide the overall solution for railway customers, undertake passenger car overhaul, air conditioning transformation, vehicle supply and localization cooperation projects.

During 23 years’ development, TSKY has grown to be an important partner and supplier of CRRC and more than 16 metro companies in China.Overseas,our products are sold all over the word to 20 countries like Canada, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Argentina, Uzbekistan, Sri Lanka, Australia,Iran,Russia,Belarus etc and we get good fame.What’s more, we established overseas branch companies including TSKY AUSTRALIA PTY LTD etc to supply service locally for our clients.

We are committed to building TSKY into an influential railway product production center and supply center in China and even the world, constantly improving products and services, and striving for a better tomorrow with partners all over the world.


Qingdao TSKY Railway Equipment Co.,ltd
TEL : +86 532-83772638
Fax : +86 532-83779208
MAIL : sales@railway-wheel-axle.com
Website : www.railway-wheel-axle.com