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Chinese High-speed Rail enterprise first went to England Exhibition Strive to advance in developed countries

Source: Time:2015-05-25 16:10:05 views:

After the world's first railway in the UK born 190 years. For the first time to usher in the world rail transportation equipment industry of the world champion China North Locomotive (0.00,0.000,0.00%). In May 12, 2015, China north car carrying a number of world classic models debut exhibition Bermingham railway industry (Railtex2015).           This is China's high-speed rail companies for the first time to a British exhibition, a move designed to promote high-speed rail in China as the representative of the Chinese rail transportation equipment to further expand the Britain and other developed countries in Europe and America market. Previously, China CNR has successfully landed on the USA, France and other high-end market.

These classic models including the world's fastest high-speed EMU, CRH380C EMU, tailored for the Hong Kong Metro high-end, energy-saving environmental protection pioneer of diesel locomotive exported to New Zealand, the warriors of the wind and snow -- Belarus exports high power AC drive electric locomotives and other products.

Britain is the pioneer of the industrial revolution, is in the world the first railway (Darlington Stockton; completed in 1825) was born and the world's largest rail market one. According to the data released by the German Advisory authority SCI Verkehr Co., Ltd., British Rail Transit market capacity ranked eighth in the world, every year there are at least 80 billion euros (551.2_yi billion yuan) market scale, of which more than half of the market share from post service. SCI Verkehr, the UK also market volume ranked the top ten in the country, one of the best growth prospects in three countries. In 2014, the British Ministry of transportation (DFT) announced the grand 477 million euros in the construction of the scale of the crossrail project investment between 2015 and 2019, the crossrail project to Heathrow airport and London in eastern and western regions are connected together, carrying 150 million passengers within 60 minutes. This railway is expected to be completed in 2017, it will make London into the existing railway network, including the London subway. Britain is the world's first subway country, completed early in 1863 the first subway in human history. Only in London, there are 402 kilometers of subway lines. In recent years, the amount of purchase British subway train surge.                       And China rail transit technology leading level in the world, unique operating experience, impeccable service level has in the developed markets in the United States, France, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, accumulated a good reputation effect. These favorable factors and British Rail has a natural complementarity, China and the UK and Western Europe win-win cooperation space is unlimited.                                              Since the British Bermingham Railway Industry Exhibition held in 1993, two years in London, Bermingham held a single year in rotation. Birmingham railway industry equipment fair as the only British railway industry professional exhibition, even in Europe the most important railway industry exhibition is railway manufacturers all over the world show new technologies and equipment, enhance corporate image, to seek cooperation partners, about the development of railway needs. Open up the international market gold channel.


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